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zsaldana_daily's Journal

Fans of Zoë Saldaña
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fans of zoë saldaña.

Welcome to zsaldana_daily. This community is dedicated to the beautiful and talented actress Zoë Saldaña. Here you will be updated with news, images, and other resources on the actress.

please read.

→ Absolutely no bashing and drama will be tolerated towards the actress and/or other members. Any inappropriate conduct as such will result in a banning from the community. Please refrain from making comments on her weight.

→ Graphics may be posted here. When posting icons, no more than 3 icons may be used for a preview. Anything else must be put behind an lj-cut. You may not link to closed posts, but if you lock the post after a number of days, that is fine, just state so in the entry. Be sure to give the entry a title when posting.

→ Images larger than 500 pixels in width must be put behind a cut. Please, resize them if they are not so. Imageshack.us is ideal.

Note: Failure to follow the rules will result in the most likely event of having your post deleted and/or a banning from the community.
and other things.

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